Voters Card

Allows merchant to verify information of users using National ID and other identifiers

With our Sierra Leonean Voter’s Card verification endpoint, businesses can quickly and easily validate the authenticity of any customer of Sierra Leonean descent with his/her voter’s card, ensuring that the person presenting the card is who they claim to be.

Using this endpoint involves integrating with our API that allows you to connect to the endpoint and send information about the customer's voters card. The endpoint will then analyze the information and provide a response indicating whether or not the card is valid and belongs to the user.



search_mode: ID

number: E123456




Request Header

app-idYour App ID
x-api-keyYour Secret Key

Request Body

search_modeID or BIO
numberID number(if search_mode is ID)
firstnamefirst name(If search_mode is BIO)
lastnamelast name(if search_mode is BIO)
middlenamemiddlename(if search_mode is BIO)
dobDate of Birth(if search_mode is BIO)

Sample Response

    "status": true,
    "message": "Verification successful",
    "response_code": "00",
    "data": {
        "IdNumber": "E123456",
        "CenterCode": "1001",
        "Ward": "21",
        "Constituency": "38",
        "District": "",
        "LastName": "DOE",
        "OtherNames": "JOHN",
        "Sex": "M",
        "DateOfBirth": "February 15,2018 ",
        "Address": "22 Kamal Street",
        "Village": "Makeni",
        "Picture": "/9j/4AAQSkZJRgABAQAAAQABAAD/"

Response Description

statusIndicates that the request was successful.
messageContains the message or information related to the request.
response_codeRepresents the response code.
dataIt is a string that contains some encrypted or encoded data related to the verification.
IdNumberThe unique ID number of the voter.
CenterCodeThe code of the polling center where the voter is registered to vote.
WardThe ward in which the voter is registered to vote.
ConstituencyThe constituency in which the voter is registered to vote.
DistrictThe district in which the voter is registered to vote.
LastNameThe last name of the voter.
OtherNamesThe first name(s) of the voter.
SexThe gender of the voter (M or F).
DateOfBirthThe date of birth of the voter.
AddressThe physical address of the voter.
VillageThe village in which the voter resides.
PictureThe image of the voter's face.