Phone Intelligence

Phone Intelligence Verification endpoint enables businesses to verify the accuracy of phone numbers and associated data of their customers

Phone Intelligence Verification endpoint helps businesses to reduce fraud, protect sensitive information, and ensure customer privacy. It is an important tool for businesses that deal with customer information, such as financial institutions, e-commerce platforms, and healthcare providers.



Phone Intelligence data insights retrieved includes:
i) Phone Number Telco service provider details.
ii) The social media where the phone number is currently used or connected
iii) Name of the Phone Number User
iv) WhatsApp information about the phone number, including Whatsapp profile image



number: 2348069475587




Request Header

api-keyYour Secret Key

Request Body

numberPhone Number

Sample Response

    "success": true,
    "status": "00",
    "response": {
        "data": {
            "whatsapp": {
                "registration": null,
                "profile_photo": "",
                "user_id": "2348069475587",
                "user_name": null,
                "profile_type": "personal"
            "basic": {
                "valid": true,
                "status": "active",
                "number": "2348069475587",
                "local_format": "0806 947 5587",
                "international_format": "+234 806 947 5587",
                "dial_code": "+234",
                "country_code": "NG",
                "country_name": "Nigeria",
                "carrier": "MTN",
                "line_type": "mobile",
                "timezone": [

Response Description

successIndicates whether the request was successful ("true") or not ("false").
statusA status code that represents the result of the request.
responseContains an array of information about the phone number
dataContains the data related to the response.
whatsappContains information about the WhatsApp user.
registrationThe registration status of the WhatsApp user.
profile_photoThe URL to the profile photo of the WhatsApp user.
user_idThe user ID associated with the WhatsApp user.
user_nameThe name of the WhatsApp user.
profile_typeThe profile type of the WhatsApp user.
basicContains basic information about the user's phone number.
validIndicates whether the phone number is valid ("true") or not ("false").
statusThe status of the phone number.
numberThe phone number in numeric format.
local_formatThe phone number in local format.
international_formatThe phone number in international format.
dial_codeThe dial code associated with the country.
country_codeThe country code associated with the phone number.
country_nameThe name of the country associated with the phone number.
carrierThe carrier or network provider associated with the phone number.
line_typeThe line type of the phone number.
timezoneAn array containing the timezone(s) associated with the country.